Specialty disease-fighting and fertilizing tree trunk injections may be an appropriate addition to a tree maintenance program if the landscape contains trees taller than 20 ft. or trees that are located where conventional spraying or feeding is not feasible. Tree trunk injections can allow your Spring-Green team to provide nutrients that are essential to your tree care, or to fight certain types of leaf disease or insects.

  • Ideal for landscapes with trees over 20ft
  • Provides nutrients essential to fight certain types of insects and leaf diseases

Our tree care services offer the following types of tree trunk injection treatments:

  • Nutrients for Iron Chlorosis
  • Nutrients for Iron and Manganese deficiencies
  • Nutrients for Phosphorus and Potash deficiencies
  • Fungicide for Selected Diseases
  • Insecticides for Various Targeted Insects

To schedule a nutrient-based tree trunk injection, or to learn about the other tee care or lawn care services we offer in your community, contact your local Spring-Green professional. Enjoy a beautiful landscape and flawless yard this season by making Spring-Green your lawn care provider.

Please visit your local independently operated Spring-Green Lawn Care business’s Terms of Service page for complete terms of service details.

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