The group of bugs and insects that feed above ground, also known as surface feeding insects can severely damage your lawn, by chewing grass plants and sucking vital plant juices from grass blades. As a preventive measure, this service controls lawn damaging insects before they become a problem. As a curative measure, this service controls insects that are actively damaging a lawn.

  • Minimizes lawn damage
  • Thicker, greener lawn
  • Controls damaging surface feeding insects such as Chinch Bug, Sod Webworms, Army Worms and Greenbug Aphids

Control your lawn with Spring-Green’s Surface Feeding Insect Control Program. By getting a head start you can eliminate this lawn disaster before it even happens. By choosing this program your lawn will have:

  • Thicker and greener lawn – giving you both the look you want for your lawn as well as a great place for you, your kids or even your pets to enjoy.
  • Minimize the damage – By getting ahead of the problem you can decrease the damage that could have been…
  • Control of your lawn – You are able to take control of your lawn from many surface feeding insects such as Chinch Bug, Sod Webworms, Army Webworms and Green Aphids.

If you find yourself face-to-face with surface feeding insects or even sub-surface damaging insects and want to get ahead of them before they arrive, contact your neighborhood Spring-Green Lawn Care professional to schedule lawn services.

Please visit your local independently operated Spring-Green Lawn Care business’s Terms of Service page for complete terms of service details.

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