How To Care For Your Holiday Poinsettias

holiday poinsettias

Over 34 million Poinsettias are sold each year making it the highest-selling flowering plant in the United States accounting for upwards of $144 million in revenue. For the curious out there, Easter Lilies are in a distant second place with $22 million dollars in sales. And, let’s face it the holidays just aren’t the same without these beauties strategically placed in our homes and communities.

Many holiday-makers are confused, however, about the best way to care for their Holiday Poinsettias. Spring-Green, experts in lawn care since 1977, can demystify the best way to keep your poinsettias looking great through the holiday season.

Poinsettia Tips and Tricks To Make The Season Bright

Types of Poinsettias – Poinsettias are not popular because of flowers as much as their leaves. The Poinsettias leaves are most commonly red, which is the most popular color. It can also be found in 100’s of shades white and pink including salmon, apricot, yellow, cream and pure white. New Poinsettia color varieties are introduced yearly, and some are even enhanced by dyes.

Choosing the Right Poinsettia – Pay attention to where the Poinsettias are located in the store or nursery you are shopping at. If they are near the door and your area has been cold lately, they might have already been damaged by the cold temps.

Next, check out the soil – it should be neither soaked nor dry. Also, check out the state of the leaves, choosing one whose leaves are not showing signs of wilting. Finally, be sure to keep your Poinsettia protected from the elements during its transport home.

Indoors Vs. Outdoor Poinsettias – Whether your holiday plants can be kept outside depends on where you live and how your winter is going. Poinsettias can handle temps in the range of 65 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit. If they are exposed to extreme drops in temperature, they will first wilt and in most cases die. For best results, keep your poinsettia in a warm room and mist it daily.

Watering Your Poinsettias – It’s hands-down, the most commonly asked Poinsettia question: how often do you water a poinsettia? And the answer is not complicated – if the soil is dry to touch or some of the leaves are beginning to droop, your holiday plant needs water. An important, and often-overlooked Poinsettia care tip is – you should never let your Poinsettia sit in standing water. Be sure to drain the bottom after watering.

Longevity of Poinsettias – A common question Poinsettia fans ask is: will my Poinsettia re-bloom next year? The answer yes. The chances are good that your holiday plants will re-bloom next year, but with a caveat, you have to do the work to keep them healthy. Keep these tips in mind and you may have Poinsettias for many years to come! Your Poinsettia will need limited daylight – no more than ten hours daily.

Keep them in a dark space after 5 p.m. until early hours of the morning for 8-10 weeks starting in early October. Be sure to protect your holiday plants from exposure to wind or cold especially protect them from temps lower than 50-degrees Fahrenheit. When cared for properly, poinsettias usually will outlast your desire to keep them!

The History Behind Poinsettias

The poinsettia plant is native to Central America where it was used by the Aztecs for decorative and medicinal purposes. (Contrary to popular belief it is not poisonous.) The Aztecs also considered the red color a symbol of purity and incorporated Poinsettias into religious ceremonies. In Mexico and Guatemala, the poinsettia is referred to as the “Flower of the Holy Night.” Dr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, an American botanist, introduced the plant in 1828.

As the holidays near, the finishing touches on your home décor might require a few poinsettias. (And, they make a wonderful host or hostess gift if you are visiting friends and family this holiday.) The myth that Poinsettia care is complicated is really a false one. You can add these festive beauties to your holiday décor and, if you keep them protected and well-watered, you’re likely to tap into their beauty for years to follow.

Spring-Green, your neighborhood lawn care professional, is here to help you throughout the holidays and all year-round, whatever your lawn care needs may be. Ask us about our satisfaction guarantee and become a Spring-Green customer today.