Sprinkler System Maintenance, What Should I Know?

sprinkler system

Many people use an automatic sprinkler system to water their lawn. For the most part, all one has to do is set the timer and the system will take care of the rest.

For sprinkler systems that are located in the northern parts of the country, it is important to blow out the system in the fall with compressed air. This helps to remove water from the lines so freeze damage does not occur. It also means that the sprinkler system has to be turned on for the following spring, but that is fairly simple. Open a valve, reset the timer and away it goes.

If only it were as simple as flipping a switch and it is done. If your sprinkler system is more than 5 years old, there is a good chance that the controller is out of date and does not have the latest in sprinkler technology. If it is not a “smart” controller, then your system is probably wasting water. The “smart” controllers have the ability to determine how much water your lawn and landscape requires on a daily basis. The use of rain sensors and in-ground moisture sensors are well worth the investment.

sprinkler start-up

Every year, companies that manufacture sprinkler systems come out with new, more efficient designs for spray heads and rotors. Installing more efficient designs will provide water in a more efficient manner. The nozzles that are an integral part of spray heads and rotors wear out over time and should be changed. The newer versions have the ability to reduce water usage while increasing uniformity.

A common problem with many sprinkler systems are leaks…

Common areas where sprinkler systems see leaks:

  • water lines
  • valves
  • fittings
  • spray heads
  • rotors

That is why a sprinkler system should be checked every spring by a professional service. They have the equipment, knowledge and experience to fix these problems. Even if only 1 cup of water is leaking per minute, which can result in a water waste of over 19,000 gallons over a normal 30 week period that most sprinklers are working.

Some of these types of repairs may seem simple, such as unscrewing a broken spray head and replacing it with a new one, but what happens if the supply line is damaged? Digging up the lawn to fix the break is a difficult task without the proper knowledge or tools. The same is true when faced with repairing a solenoid switch within a valve box.

Having your sprinkler system turned on by a professional is a good thing, but so is a mid-season tune up. Sprinkler heads can go out of alignment as the year progresses. Most people set their timers for the water to come on in the early morning. This lessens the chance of seeing where the water may not be missing or watering the street or driveway instead of your lawn. Water can be expensive, so make sure it stays on the lawn and doesn’t run into the storm drains.

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