7 Landscaping Mistakes That You Shouldn’t Fall For!

Extreme landscaping

Everyone is after a more beautiful lawn each year, so why not avoid simple mistakes that many make and help your lawn to become the envy of the neighborhood. Here are 7 typical landscaping mistakes to avoid this year.

  1. Not watering plants – as winter is upon us make sure that you don’t forget to water. Depending on the region in which you live, watering cannot be completely ignored. Fruit trees, hedges, shrubs and your lawn all need to be watered. Lack of watering will result in dehydration and /or disease.
  2. Manicuring your lawn to the extreme – We tend to get caught up in the immediate appearance of our yards and forget that extreme amounts of anything, can actually end up hurting rather than perfecting. Make sure to know your species of grass and adjust accordingly. In the end make sure you are staying consistent with your recommended manicuring requirements.
  3. Using low quality mulch – When it comes time to purchase mulch, many of us look for the best deal possible. This may seem like a great idea at the time, but can actually end up as a nightmare when all is said and done. Poor quality mulch can bring disease and pests into your plants, with the possibility of spreading to your lawn. Make sure to buy quality mulch from a trusted supplier to avoid any headaches down the road.
  4. Not raking your yard – This always seems to be the dreaded chore each year and ends up getting put on the back burner. However putting it off could cause seriously damage. When raking is neglected, fungus and mold are much more likely to accumulate when it snows. Removing the leaves after the snow has arrived becomes and difficult task and can end up ruining your lawn.
    raking leaves
  5. Avoiding minor pest issues – it’s easy to do, but should definitely not be ignored. As soon as you notice a minor pest issue act quickly. Pest problems usually just get worse over time and become a lot more difficult to get rid of.
  6. Not stocking up on yard supplies – as fall approaches it becomes the perfect time to stock up on yard supplies. This is when you see great deals and discounts on tools, soil, pots, seeds and more. Spend in the fall to save more in the spring.
  7. Delay spring plantingStart your planting early. When your planting gets delayed, it gives your new plants less time to mature and grow.

Make sure your yard is set up for success. Avoid these 7 landscaping mistakes that always seem to get the best of us and make your landscape stand out from the rest. Share in the comments below about landscaping mistakes you have made and how you avoid them.

Helpful Hints for Choosing New Plants This Spring

Spring Planting

They’re Here! The New Plant Catalogs Are Here!

When I am traveling and visiting franchise owners I tend to get a little jealous regarding the plants that are growing around the country especially those owners who live in warmer climates.

I recently was in the Seattle, WA area and saw pansies for sale at a home improvement store. I wanted to buy some so I could take them back with me, but realized that the high temperature was only going to be about 4 degrees when I got home. So much for the pansies…

However when I got home, you can imagine my delight when I found that my first plant catalog had been delivered. This becomes an exciting time for me, since I always look forward to picking out all of the plants I want to buy each year. Even though I usually end up forgetting to order them, don’t have enough time to plant them, or the weather is not conducive to planting when I do have the time.

For those of you who receive a plant catalog or seed catalog every year make sure to keep in mind the growing conditions where you are going to put the new plants. In my own yard, it is very shady, so I pass by the ones that have the little “sun” icon and look for ones that have either the “partial sun” or “all clouds” icons. The ones that seem to do the best in my landscape are hostas and astilbes.

There are numerous varieties of hostas with different colored leaves, flowers and sizes. They are relatively hardy in northern Illinois, so I try to stick with these type of plants.  Then there are Astilbes which are very pretty and have very showy flowers. It seems that most plants that grow in the shade have less flowers than there sunny counterparts, so having some pink or red flowers in the landscape is a nice change.

Also look at the planting zones.  There are a lot of beautiful plants that grow in warmer climates, but will still grow where I live, however they do have to be dug up every fall as they cannot handle the deep freeze we receive every winter.

Climate zones

I have purchased these type of plants in the past, like gladiolas, but never seem to find the time to dig them up in the fall.  In the past when I have dug them up I forget about them the following spring and they never get planted. However if you are not up for a challenge, gladiolas are relatively cheap when purchasing standard color bags of in the spring, so I find it easier to just buy new ones each year.

I know that I have about three more months before I can start “diggin” in the dirt again, so I will have to be satisfied with pursuing the plant and seed catalogs and dream about warmer weather.

Do you have any questions about what to plant in your yard this spring? Contact your local Spring-Green with any questions you may have.