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About us

Founded in Naperville, IL, in 1977, Spring Green has always been a neighborhood-based lawn care, pest control and tree care company. Today we’ve grown to service over 14,000 neighborhood communities around the country with effective and tailored lawn, pest and tree care.

Comprehensive Lawn Care, Pest Control and Tree Care Services Tailored To Your Needs

Lawn Care

We tailor fertilization and weed prevention services to the local climate and growing conditions in your area. We offer lawn care program options and add-on services that fit your individual preferences.

Pest Control

Our extensive pest control services include perimeter and outdoor pest control. We tailor recommended pest control services, like flea control for dog owners and mosquito control for homes needing relief.

Tree Care

When it comes to your outdoor home environment, regular tree and shrub care is just as important as lawn care. We’re offer multi-step programs as well as add-on services like root feeding and specialty injections.

Why Spring Green?

Spring Green has been beautifying lawns and landscapes for over 45 years. As your neighborhood lawn care, pest control and tree care professional, we will care for your home like it's our own.

A Service Of Convenience And Value

We know that you have a choice when it comes to caring for your home, lawn and landscape. Our promise to you is one of value and convenience. We’ll ensure that your investment provides maximum results with affordability. And we’ll do the work so you don’t have to.

Benefits Of Professional Service

Some lawn, landscape or pest control problems call for expert solutions. Our trained and licensed professionals have the experience and expertise to provide quality lawn care, pest control and tree care that you can count on.

Experience That Counts

We’ve been beautifying lawns and landscapes for more than 45 years. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot and expanded our offerings to serve your needs. We tailor our programs to provide the effective solutions for your lawn, pest and tree care needs.

Local Professionals

Being locally owned and operated – and already servicing customers in your area, sometimes for generations – our experienced local professionals are able to offer the lawn care, pest control, and tree care programs that fit your needs and budget.

Our Higher Standards

We’re proud of our contributions to the environment and our community – contributions that start in your very own yard. We embrace the industry’s best practices to create effective and environmentally responsible lawn, pest, and tree solutions..


We serve our customers with reliable, responsible and competent professionals who have been properly trained and receive annual certifications.


You will receive prompt, courteous attention, with care and respect. We provide professional lawn & tree care and pest control services for our neighbors, so we know it has to be right.


We create beautiful yards & landscapes and pest-free homes through effective, environmentally responsible solutions that live up to your expectations.


You will get the best lawn & tree care and pest control for your money. We make sure your investment in the health and beauty of your landscape and home provides maximum results with affordability.

Our Green Approach

We take our commitment to the environment seriously by offering the highest quality service performed in an environmentally responsible manner by trained and licensed technicians. We offer organic-based fertilizers that introduce organic nutrients to the soil to develop a sustainable environment. And we’ve also made pesticide reduction a priority and have improved our liquid application equipment to apply fertilizer to the entire lawn but only spot treat the needed area for weeds. Additionally, we are founders of and affiliates with many industry-leading organizations focused on environmental responsibility.

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A Spring Green professional and a homeowner look at shrubs next to a patio in a backyard.

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Frequently Asked Questions


  • What certifications do Spring Green technicians have?

    Spring Green takes certification seriously and we make sure our Field Service Professionals are properly trained and receive annual certification based on each state's regulations. All of our Team Members are required to complete an internal certification on the basics of lawn, pest and tree care through Spring Green University, our proprietary online Learning Management System.

  • What kind of grass grows in my area?

    Follow the guidelines from your Field Service Professional on best practices to maintain your grass type.

  • What's the guarantee if I don’t take the full program?

    We offer a limited guarantee on anything less than our full program. We’ll correct any problem, related to our originally scheduled visit, at no extra charge if notified within 14 days of that visit. However, if you take advantage of our full program, there is no 14-day limit with our guarantee.

  • How and when do I pay?

    You can prepay for the entire program up front. If you don’t prepay, we’ll give you an invoice at the time of an application, or if you are not home, we’ll leave the invoice at your door for you to mail us a check or pay online.

  • Is it okay for the kids or pets to go on the lawn after an application?

    Once the material is dry, generally within one to two hours, it is okay to go on the lawn. Your Field Service Professional will always leave instructions on what to do after each application.

  • What program does Spring Green recommend?

    Spring Green recommends the Preferred Lawn Care Program for your surrounding area. This program is designed to satisfy the nutritional needs of your lawn and control weeds throughout the year. It will provide steady growth, excellent color, improved weed control and the enhanced thickening of your lawn. It will also allow us the opportunity to check your lawn for problems on a regular basis.

  • What is Spring Green's guarantee?

    Our guarantee is one of customer satisfaction. With our full program, if you’re not completely satisfied with an application, just let us know. We’ll make it right or we’ll refund what you paid for that application.

  • When does Spring Green begin servicing lawns in my local area?

    You should expect your Field Service Professional to arrive at your home to do your first lawn application once the ground has thawed. Starting at this time allows for a full season of proper lawn care. However, if you happen to miss this start-up date, we’re still able to begin a lawn care program delivering powerful fertilization and weed control to your yard.

  • Does Spring Green have to call me before they come?

    As long as there aren’t any locked gates, pets that need to be kept off the lawn, or other things that prevent us from performing the application, there is no need for us call you first. However, we will be happy to call before we come if you have a request, just let us know.

  • Why does Spring Green recommend so many applications?

    Most of our customers want steady growth, excellent color, and enhanced thickening of their lawn with fewer weed problems. Our program is designed to control weeds throughout the year and to provide the right amount of nutrients at the right time. When nutrients are provided less frequently, the quality of your lawn suffers. When too much is applied at one time, excessive top growth and other problems can occur.

  • What happens if I get weeds after Spring Green fertilizes?

    If the weeds aren’t dying after 10-14 days, call us; service calls are FREE. We’ll come back and touch them up by hand at no additional charge..

  • How long has Spring Green worked in my local area?

    Founded in Naperville, IL in 1977, Spring Green has always been a neighborhood-based lawn and tree care service company. We take pride in serving our community and recognize the importance of doing things the way you would, if only you had the time. At home, at work, and at play, Spring Green lawn and tree care services have been affecting people’s lives in a positive way.

Core Aeration and Seeding

  • When and how often should I core aerate my lawn?

    We strongly recommend that you core aerate your lawn at least once each year, usually in the spring or fall. Core aeration benefits your lawn by relieving soil compaction, reducing thatch build-up, and allowing water, air, and nutrients to get down to the root system. It is the finishing touch to having a lawn you can be proud of.

  • What is thatch? When is it considered a problem?

    Your lawn will receive the maximum benefit from this service when the cores are left on the lawn. They will break down with normal irrigation and mowing and return to the thatch layer, helping it to break down.

  • Should I power rake my lawn to take care of thatch?

    Usually not. Power raking does far more damage to the average lawn than it helps. Power raking tears up a lot of healthy grass along with thatch. It is much more efficient and beneficial to core cultivate.

  • What should I do with the cores left on my lawn?

    Your lawn will receive the maximum benefit from this service when the cores are left on the lawn. They will break down with normal irrigation and mowing and return to the thatch layer, helping it to break down.

  • Should I seed my lawn?

    Many of the areas of your lawn that might appear thin and weedy in the spring will thicken naturally in the coming months. By late summer or early fall, areas that might still be thin will be evident. Fall, by the way, is generally the best time for seeding. Large bare areas, six inches or more in diameter may require seeding in the spring. We also offer a service that combines core aeration and overseeding to fill in lawns.. Please contact your Field Service Professional for recommendations about seeding your lawn.

  • If I seed my lawn in the spring, will Spring Green's application hurt it?

    If you spread seed throughout your lawn before we make our spring visit, the seed may not germinate due to the pre-emergence applied. We suggest waiting to seed in the fall. Soil and air temperatures, and moisture levels in early fall are much better for seed germination. If you are only planning to seed small areas in your lawn that can be visibly marked off, we can let your Field Service Professional know to avoid these areas.


  • Why would my newly sodded lawn need fertilizer?

    Newly sodded lawns need supplemental nutrients to develop a deeper root system in new soil. Fertilization and proper watering are the keys to keeping your new sod in good condition. Our lawn care program will satisfy the nutritional needs of your newly sodded lawn.

  • How will rain shortly after an application of fertilizer affect the results?

    To benefit the turf, fertilizer must reach the soil to be absorbed by the roots. Rain after an application can only help this process.

  • Why do you fertilize late in the fall?

    Our late fall application is one of the most important parts of our program. This application maintains your lawn’s color later into the fall and encourages earlier green up in the spring. This also helps the turf to store up food in the roots before going dormant.

  • Why does Spring Green recommend so many applications? When I did it myself I did not fertilize so much.

    Our program is based on the nutritional needs of your turfgrass for your local area. This results in excellent color, steady growth and enhanced thickening of your lawn. When less is applied these three goals can’t be reached.

  • What’s in the Spring Green fertilizer?

    Our fertilization program contains the essential nutrients required for turf growth. Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium rates are adjusted to be consistent with local soil, turfgrass, and weather conditions in your area.

  • Does Spring Green offer organic fertilizer programs?

    Our standard lawn care programs do not include organic fertilizers. However, if you want an organic program, we can offer you one for an additional charge. Providing all of the necessary nutrients using organic fertilizers is expensive. Also, these fertilizers are typically slow to green-up the lawn. Please contact your Field Service Professional for more information about this service.

  • Will I have a thick green lawn if I use Spring Green service?

    A thick, green lawn is the result of a partnership between you and Spring Green. We both have important but different roles in this partnership. Spring Green will fertilize and control weeds, insects and diseases depending on the services you selected. You need to mow and water correctly. This partnership will lead to the thicker, greener lawn that you desire.

Insect and Lawn Disease

  • What are the lawn damaging diseases in my area?

    We take keeping your lawn healthy, strong, and green very seriously. If you have any of these diseases please visit the contact us link to have one of our trained Field Service Professionals come out for a visit.

  • What are the lawn damaging insects in my area?

    There is a wide range of sub-surface feeding and surface feeding pests that could damage your lawn. We offer insect control services to assist in controlling these pests in your yard.

  • Does Spring Green apply insect control with the applications?

    Our policy is to only apply insect controls where and when needed. If an insect problem develops or if you’ve had a history of a particular insect problem, we’ll apply the correct material. We have various specific services to control many types of insects in your area. Please speak with your Field Service Professional for any concerns about insects in your lawn.

  • Why are there so many birds on my lawn?

    Sometimes this is no more than natural feeding activity. However, it could be a sign of potential insect problems and should be checked by a Spring Green Field Service Professional.


  • How often should I mow?

    Your mowing schedule should be timed so that you do not cut more than one-third of the grass blade at each mowing. You may need to mow more often during certain times of the year.

  • How soon after an application can I mow?

    We recommend that you wait until the day after an application to allow enough time for the weed control material to be absorbed into the weeds. Your Field Service Professional will always leave instructions on what to do after each application for the best results.

  • How do I prepare my lawn for winter?

    Mulch the leaves to the size of a dime. This allows the leaf bits to be recycled back into your lawn feeding nutrients to the roots. Your lawn a little shorter, but do not scalp it as you don’t want to harm the grass. Winter weeds will continue to be a problem, so make sure the lawn is treated for both broadleaf and grassy weeds.

  • Do I need to collect the clippings?

    We recommend that you do not collect the clippings, but recycle them back into the lawn. Grass is 80 to 90% water and will decompose quickly.


  • What is the best time of day to water?

    The best time to water is early morning for your local Little Elm and surrounding area. Watering from the late afternoon into the evening can increase the probability of disease development in your lawn.

  • Do I have to water my lawn after an application?

    It depends on the application being made. Some lawns do and others don’t. Your Field Service Professional will always leave instructions on what to do after each application for the best results.

  • How much should I water my lawn?

    During warm, dry weather, a lawn will require an inch of water every four to five days. Proper watering practices will maximize the results of your Spring Green service.

  • How soon can I water after Spring Green finishes an application?

    Unless otherwise indicated on your invoice, wait 2-3 hours or until the grass is dry before watering. Your Field Service Professional will always leave instructions on what to do after each application for the best results.


  • Does Spring Green's application stop weeds from growing?

    Yes, indirectly. First, there is a short-term residual effect within the soil profile aiding in the control of new seed germination. Secondly, the Spring Green fertilization program will create a dense, thick turf that helps to prevent new weed germination. There is, however, no product that completely prevents germination of new weeds. This absence of an absolute preventive is the reason the Spring Green program includes several applications of broadleaf weed control each season.

  • Is weed control going to help my lawn if my neighbors don’t do anything about theirs?

    Remember that the Spring-Green approach to weed control in your lawn is two-fold. First, we get rid of whatever is there at the time of application. Second, we build up your lawn into a healthy state so that even if your neighbor has a massive weed patch, your lawn will resist invasion simply because there will be no place for the invader to go.

  • What type of weeds typically grow in my area?

    Weeds vary by region. Our Field Service Professionals are trained to identify weeds in your lawn and will follow a multi-step lawn care service to proactively keep these weeds out of your yard.

  • What does Spring Green do about crabgrass?

    We control it before you can even see it. Before it has a chance to germinate, we apply a special material that prevents crabgrass and other annual grassy weeds from coming up in your lawn. This material normally controls crabgrass all year long.

  • What good can Spring Green weed control application do after the dandelions have bloomed?

    The low number of new seeds dropped by flowering dandelions does not in any way alter the potential for new weed problems in the future. Most freshly dropped seeds lay in the thatch for a time and are not in a position of becoming a problem. The benefit of our weed control will be in ridding your lawn of the dandelions that are present at the time of the application.

  • What happens to the weed control if it rains shortly after a Spring Green application?

    Rain, following a pre-emergence weed control for annual grasses like crabgrass, is beneficial. Pre-emergence weed control needs to reach the thatch and soil to prevent crabgrass. Control of broadleaf weeds will not be affected if the application has had a chance to dry first. As a matter of fact, control can be enhanced by rain because growing weeds will die faster. Whenever it rains following an application we ask customers to wait 10 to 14 days to see what happens to the broadleaf weeds. If the weeds are not curling by that time give us a call and we'll reapply the weed control at no additional charge.