How To Add Curb Appeal To Your Home

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It’s a commonly used term – curb appeal. Many homeowners want it or are unsure if they have it. Most of all, they want to know how to get it. That’s why Spring-Green is here with the answers to questions we most commonly get about curb appeal. After all, we have been in the lawn care and landscaping game since 1977.   

Frequently Asked Questions About Curb Appeal

  • What is curb appeal? Curb appeal is like a first impression. It’s an invitation to your guests (or potential buyers) that good things await inside. It’s also a way to keep your neighborhood looking handsome and enhance your enjoyment of the exterior of your home.  
  • Does curb appeal affect home value? In a word, yes. According to multiple studies, it’s been concluded that homes with high curb appeal tend to sell for an estimated 7-14% more than similar houses with an uninviting exterior. With a few low-budget improvements you can increase the price your home sells for, it’s that simple.  
  • What are the quickest ways to add curb appeal? Of course, you can make huge improvements to the curb appeal of your home, but even with a few simple improvements, things can look dramatically better. Simple maintenance like weeding the lawn, trimming the shrubs, and ensuring that the lawn is free of dead spots will get things spruced up in no time.   

How Can I Add Curb Appeal To My Home?

  • Flowers and plants are one of the most common ways to add curb appeal, and it works. Fresh greenery and flowers, whether planted in the ground or in pots and window gardens, in key spots add a lot of flair.   
  • Your front door brings curb appeal with the possibility for a splash of color or a design with flair. From conservative to industrial to cottage-style, you can add a style to the exterior of your home with a unique or freshly-painted door.   
  • Exterior lighting can also help take your curb appeal to the next level. A well-placed sconce or hanging pendant can bring some flair and fun. With a quick look around your property after the sun goes down, you’ll be able to identify many places where lighting can add appeal, call attention to focal points and light pathways – not to mention, the added benefit of security.  
  • Your mailbox is part of your outdoor look, don’t forget. A stylish or refreshed mailbox can make a noticeable difference to your home’s curb appeal. Of course, the sky’s the limit, but even on a budget, you can find a mailbox that spruces things up.   
  • Have your house numbers been there since your home was built way back when? It might be time to modernize the look of your home by replacing those old tattered numbers with something fresh and new.    
  • A good power wash will make a world of difference as well. These are relatively inexpensive options to rent or buy. Use your power washer to get rid of dirt, grime, and mold on your porch, walkway, and driveway.   

What Are Tips To Maintaining My Homes Curb Appeal?

  • Clean up – Remove debris, cobwebs, and trash.  
  • Clean your gutters – inside out.  
  • Hide electrical fixtures – Use paint of coverings to disguise any unsightly electrical boxes.   
  • Take care of your lawn – Keeping the grass mowed, weed-free, and well-watered. 

You may know Spring-Green as the neighborhood lawn care specialists but they can help you with your curb appeal goals as well. With decades of expertise and a professional team of service professionals, Spring-Green can help you get the exterior of your home spruced up and looking great – whether you are preparing to sell or simply enjoy your space.  

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