Does Your Lawn Have Damage From a Lawn Mower?

lawn mower mowing

I recently received some pictures that one of our Field Service Professionals from Columbia City, IN of a lawn that he has been taking care of this year. Earlier in the summer, the lawn suffered from damage caused by mowing during the heat of the day that resulted in some disease activity on the stressed grass plants. As you can see from the first two pictures, this lawn was seriously stressed by heat and a lack of water.

mower damage to lawn

mower damage to lawn

After telling the customer that what they were seeing was related to the weather, improper mowing and some disease problems, the customer agreed to wait a few days to see how the lawns would recover.

It is important to point out that these lawns were fertilized just prior to the streaks appearing, which led these customers to ask if the damage was the result of the application.

The customer agreed to water the lawn and change the mowing practices. When the Field Service Professional went back 9 days later, the lawn had almost completely recovered. It was fortunate that the Columbia City area did receive some much needed rain during that period as well. As you can see by these two pictures, the lawn looks great and has recovered.

lawn recovery from mower damage

lawn recovery from mower damage

As I stated earlier, turf is an amazing plant. It can recover from a great deal of adversity, especially if it is being cared for with proper cultural practices and a well-balanced fertilizer program like Spring-Green’s Preferred Program.

Turf grass as we grow it on home lawns is not a natural system and needs help to grow. An important component of proper cultural practices is core aeration. I wrote about the benefits of core aeration many times over the years as I know what it can do for a lawn.

The soil found in most yards is usually not good. It is usually full of clay, rocks and even construction debris. Core aeration provides open places for the roots to grow and expand, giving you a better lawn in return.

I have been in the Green Industry for a long time and have endured  my share of droughts, floods, late snow fall, early snow fall and many other types of weather related problems. The one plant that seems to be able to keep coming back year after year is the turf grass plant. Of course, the other type of plant that seems to do even better than turf are weeds, but that is a Blog Post subject for another day.

For question on lawn mower damage or any other type of damage to your lawn, contact your neighborhood lawn care professional at Spring-Green.