Where Do All The Weeds Come From?

who says weeds cant be controlledA typical lawn has to endure a large number of stresses from numerous sources, such as insects, diseases and weeds. It is said that a lawn is dynamic as there are always things happening. This is especially true with weeds.

Weeds can germinate throughout the growing season – spring, summer and fall, but also throughout the winter in the southern parts of the United States. Therefore making it seem like it is an unending battle to keep weeds from taking over your lawn.

4 ways weeds spread:

  1. Blowing: For the most part, new weeds come into a lawn and are blown in by the wind. If you think about a dandelion seed head, the seeds are carried in by the “parachute” that is attached to each individual seed. This enables the seeds to travel a long distance before landing in a lawn or landscape bed.
  2. Excrement: Birds can be another source for seed dispersal. They will eat the seeds, which can pass through their digestive system and be deposited on a lawn with a little bit of natural fertilizer to help it grow better. This is a common way for many invasive plants to spread, such as wild grapes.
  3. Rain: The wind blows seeds into many areas, including sidewalks and driveways. When it rains, these seeds will travel along pathways and end up along the edges. This is the main reason why weeds are often a problem along sidewalks and driveways.
  4. Carriers: Other seeds have small barbs that may get tangled in animal fur and will drop into your lawn when the animal scratches itself. Seeds can remain viable for many years.

In an article from National Geographic “A male date palm tree named Methuselah that sprouted from a 2,000-year-old seed nearly a decade ago is thriving today, according to the Israeli researcher who is cultivating the historic plant” (March 24, 2015). It is no wonder that seeds of today can survive for ten or twenty years, if not longer. All it takes is a chance for the weed seeds to receive enough sun, warmth and water to germinate.

If you have ever weeded your garden and removed all the weeds, you were proud of your accomplishment, but you know that the clean look will only last a few days. As the soil is turned over, there are dozens, if not hundreds of weed seeds that are brought to the surface. A little rain, sun and warmth is all it takes for a new crop to emerge.

weeds getting pulled from the garden

The old saying, “Nothing grows like a weed” is very true. Weeds have a short time to germinate, grow, and produce a flower and seed before dying. That is why Spring-Green guarantees our applications. We know that weeds can germinate between applications and we will come out to re-spray your lawn at no charge. All you have to do is give your local Spring-Green a call.