Tree Maintenance Tips

How to Fertilize Trees & Shrubs

Like all living organisms, trees and shrubs need proper nutrients to live long, healthy lives. The proper fertilization methods can prevent against disease and insect invasion, helping to improve the health and beauty of your trees. Read more about fertilizing trees and shrubs.

How to Prevent Landscape Damage From Deer

You have spent time and money preserving and beautifying your lawn and landscape in order to ensure a beautiful atmosphere around your home or business. However, some of those much loved plants may also be your local deer population’s favorite food. The proper prevention plan can help keep deer from destroying lawn and plant life. Read more about how to prevent damage from deer.

The Benefits of Using Mulch in Your Landscape

Placing mulch around the base of trees and shrubs can help improve the look and health of your landscape. In addition to facilitating tree and shrub care and growth, mulching can also be a tool to help with the overall maintenance and care of your lawn. Learn about mulch tips.

How to Make a Landscape Plan

Taking care and maintaining your landscape involves a lot more than just planting various trees and shrubs. Knowing the layout of your land, the types of plants and trees that you would like to plant and how your soil and environment can affect them, and their care and maintenance are all important components in the process of planning your landscape. Read more about the essentials of landscape planning.

Tips for Properly Watering Plants in Your Landscape

While watering is an essential part of landscape care for plants and shrubs, overwatering or saturating some types of plants can cause serious damage. Certain plants such as Yews are even more susceptible than others to complications caused by overwatering. Read about proper landscape watering.

Tips on Maintaining Trees & Avoiding Tree Damage

There are various ways that trees can become injured. Inclement weather, tree staking, and repeated damage by mowers and trimmers can all have negative impacts on tree health and growth. Knowing how trees can be damaged, how to avoid damage, and what to do when you find damage is essential in proper tree care. Learn about how to prevent and repair tree damage.

Tree Watering Tips

The proper watering process for recently planted or established trees is an essential part of their growth and longevity. Proper tree care involves knowing when and how much to water as well as being able to recognize possible stresses that can come from over or under watering. Read more tree watering tips.

Caring for Your Trees and Shrubs – Expert Lawn Care Tips