From Bad to Great: The Year in the Life of One Lawn

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One of our Field Service Professionals, Derek J. Gambro, who works in our Wauconda, IL lawn care office, took it upon himself to document the improvements he was able to achieve with a lawn in his territory over the past year.  What is the most amazing aspect of this sequence of pictures is how the lawn improved, even during the drought and heat we experienced this past summer.  They also show how well the lawn responded once rain returned during the fall. The sequence is illustrated in the gallery above. Lawn Care Application #1 The first application was made on April 21.  You can see the number of weeds throughout the lawn and the thin, weak looking grass.   Lawn Care Application #2 Derek returned on May 5 to re-spray for weed control.  The dandelions, which are easily identifiable by the twisted flower stems and are quite numerous, are beginning to die off.  The color has greatly improved in just two weeks.   Lawn Care Application #3 The next application, made on June 5, shows that the grass is beginning to go dormant, but that the weeds are under control.  The mowing height looks a little low, but the lawn looks to be in good shape.   Lawn Care Application #4  The next application was made on July 11. The lawn is still showing signs of drought stress and larger areas are beginning to go completely dormant. You may be able to notice that the grass looks greener closer to the house where the customer was watering their annual flowers.   Lawn Care Application #5  This picture, taken when making the next application on August 28, shows some weeds growing in the front right corner.  Weeds will germinate throughout the spring, summer and fall, so it is not uncommon to see some weeds germinate between applications.
Lawn Care Application #6 In the latest picture, taken on October 25, the lawn has recovered from the summer's drought stresses and is generally weed free and the nice green color has returned.  The overall density of the lawn has also improved since April.To give you a better understanding of how the Spring-Green lawn fertilization and weed control program, and Derek's fine workmanship, help this lawn go from bad to great, here is a before and after picture.  One last thing to add, the homeowner did not water their lawn during the summer's drought, but continued to get all their scheduled applications of fertilizer and weed control.  They do have one more left this fall, which will help the lawn continue improving and be even better next spring.