Fall is the time to clean up your act! Here are some great ideas on how to clean up your lawn this fall.

For Your Lawn and Landscape: 

  • Keep leaves raked or mulched to prevent smothering your lawn, and to clear the ground for any final fertilization or mowing that’s needed.
  • "Harden off" your lawn by mowing the grass shorter. 
  • Clean up debris in shrub and flower beds for a neater look and less work in the spring. 
  • Continue to water when it’s very dry. 
  • Remove expired annuals and prepare planting beds for next year. 
  • Prune summer blooming perennials, trees and shrubs.  Avoid pruning spring-blooming shrubs and trees, as they have already set their blooms and you’ll lose the display if you prune now. 
  • Plant hardy spring bulbs now for a glorious display in the spring. 

Around the House:  

  • Clean out gutters and be sure downspouts are working properly. 
  • Disconnect and drain water hoses and store inside. 
  • Avoid broken planting containers by either bringing them indoors, covering them against the weather elements or emptying them for winter. 
  • Set up bird feeding and water stations. 
  • Winterize mowers and other lawn equipment by making sure gasoline is burned from any gas-powered equipment (this helps keep the lines and carburetor clear). If your mower needs repair, now is the time, before storing it. 

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