Voles and Lawn Care

Voles, which are also known as Meadow Mice or Field Mice, are bigger than common house mice. They have a shorter tail and their head is more rounded than that of house mice. Voles live in vacant fields that may surround some homes as well as under decks, storage sheds, concrete pads, and in landscape beds. The latter is especially true if there are prostrate evergreens or extensive groundcovers that provide a good hiding place. During the winter, Voles will tunnel under the snow; making winding trails about 2” wide, as they feed on the grass. 

Occasionally, the yard damage is severe enough that new lawn seeding will need to be done. In most cases, raking up the loose grass will take care of the problem. As long as the crown of the grass plant has not been damaged, it will come back on its own. Control is usually not recommended for voles. The damage is mainly cosmetic and the turf will recover. 

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