Millipedes are small, wormlike insects with many tiny legs. Millipedes eat dead leaves and decaying wood particles.


Typically, millipedes live outside in damp places. They thrive in flowerbeds, gardens, under mulch, dead leaves and grass clipping piles. Millipedes will also live under structures such as doghouses and storage sheds.

In the fall when it gets cooler, or after heavy rains flood their habitats, millipedes will migrate into homes. They get into homes through:

  • Porches and patios.
  • By climbing foundations and into entryways.
  • Basement doors and windows.
  • Crawlspace vents.
  • Garage doors.

Many homeowners find millipedes living in their basements that are damp and cold. Millipedes also thrive in crawlspaces. Stored boxes and wood provide prime habitats.Leaves that blow int crawl spaces provide an excellent food source for millipedes too.


Millipedes aren’t dangerous. Instead, they’re annoying when found in large populations, and you can easily clean them up with a vacuum. If millipede populations explode, call your local pest control company to get rid of them.