Stop damaging insects from making a meal out of your lawn.

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    Spring-Green’s Total Lawn Insect Control Program benefits your lawn care package by:

    • Control both surface and subsurface feeding insects
    • Control grubs and numerous other turf damaging insects
    • Create a thicker, greener, and healthier lawn
    • Prevents future damage of your turf

    Spring-Green’s Total Lawn Insect Control service takes care of both types of insect problems and prevents infestation that could require extensive renovation or costly reseeding of your lawn. Fill out the form to contact your neighborhood Spring-Green professional and learn more about how adding a Total Lawn Insect Control program to your lawn care package leads to an improved healthy lawn from the roots up! 

    Total Lawn Insect Control

    As a Preferred Spring-Green Customer, your satisfaction is guaranteed. If you aren’t completely satisfied with the results of a Spring-Green application, let us know right away. We’ll make it right, or we’ll refund the entire cost of that application.

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