Top Tools You Need For Your Lawn Work This Spring

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Spring is finally here and the time to get out into the yard is upon us. Yard work requires the right tools to keep your lawn beautiful and healthy all spring and summer long. If you are about to head out and unlock the garden shed, you’ll need to check your tool inventory to ensure you have everything you need. It might be time to update your lawn care tools. These tips will help you grow healthier plants and lawn, but having the right equipment will make the work easier.

Everything You Need To Know About Your Spring Tools

Most-needed spring lawn care tools –

  • Garden Trowel and Fork – The garden trowel and fork are essential tools for your garden. They are used to turn the soil and loosen weeds as well as for digging in the soil and for planting new seeds or bulbs.
  • Pruning Shears and Loppers - Pruning shears and loppers are key tools to keep on hand for your spring gardening. Shear help with cutting and trimming branches and stems. The pruning shears are handheld tools for working on the branches of bushes and plants, a perfect tool for trimming thicker branches on bushes and trees.
  • Shovel - If you are working on an outdoor garden, it’s imperative that you add a shovel to your toolkit. From digging into the soil to plant new flowers to lifting sod to moving soil or fertilizer from one place to another – the shovel is essential.  
  • Wheelbarrow – The wheelbarrow is a workhorse for your yard. You’ll use it to move around soil, compost, or mulch. It can carry your other tools and help you work more efficiently.
  • Hoe and Rake Garden Tools - The hoe tool and garden rake are two yard tools that your spring garden can’t do without. They will be essential for helping you prepare your garden beds and getting spring grounds ready for the next season.  The hoe tool will help to remove weeds and prepare the soil, while the hoe can help create a thriving environment to grow.
  • Watering Equipment - No yard tool kit is complete without tools to water your lawn and garden. Of course, a hose and watering can are basics but you could go on to install a sprinkler system and possibly use a power washing tool for hard surfaces in the outdoor landscape.  
  • Blower - A blower can become your best friend for quick and easy clean up after cutting the grass and during leaf-heavy times of the year. Of course, the range of power varies as does the price, and your unique need will need to match the type of blower you invest in. But, think all the heavy lifting it will save you – not to mention time.
  • Trimmer – A cordless, battery-powered string trimmer is a great option for your spring tool arsenal. It allows you to quickly and easily tidy up the edges and can be picked up at an affordable price.
  • Aerator – An aerator is tops on the list of essential tools for spring. This key tool will help your efforts to fertilize and water your yard become more effective. There are plenty of aerator choices available, it will come down to assessing your space, your goals, and of course, your budget.  
  • Lawn mower – It seems obvious to say that your lawn mower is at the center of your lawn tools for this spring. If your mower has been sitting idle for winter, it is a good time to pull it out now and give it a once over. I may need some servicing or repairs to help support you during the warm season. This could mean checking oil levels, spark plugs, or sharpening blades for optimum performance.
  • Handy helpers – Gardening and yard work can be fun and rewarding, but it can also be hard work. You can increase your comfort and efficiency by seeking out the little tools to make life easier.
  • Knee pads - You might find a knee pad to support your sore knees as you kneel down to pull weeds regularly is needed.
    • A wagon to pull supplies from one side of the yard to the other can also alleviate some of the heavy liftings.
    • Breathable garden gloves are a perfect way to protect sensitive hands while working with the soil, weeds, and plants.
    • Protection for the skin from bugs and the sun is also important. Large brim hats, UV protective clothing, and bug repellants will help make life easier and keep you healthy.

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