Moss is one of nature's ways of telling us that the growing conditions are not right for your grass. Moss does not drive out grass, it just quietly fills in the space when your good turf isn't able to grow. Lawn fertilization services from Spring Green can help you set the stage for a moss-free yard. There are about 50 kinds of moss that show up in lawns, and most of them love shady, moist conditions. Cool, moist shade isn't the only reason you may be seeing a short green blanket of moss where the grass is suppose to be. Here are some other conditions that can bring on moss:

Poor drainage - Soil that is always wet keeps the grass from growing by drowning the roots and creates a perfect home for small mossy plants.

Too much shade - Moss takes off in areas where there is not enough sunlight for grass to thrive. Thinning or pruning overhanging shrubs or trees will help light get through.

Not enough air circulation - Your lawn needs plenty of air to help water evaporate from the soil.

Low soil fertility - Without the right amount of nutrients in the soil, it's hard for many grasses to grow. Regular fertilization is a good first step in solving this problem.

Compact soil - When the top several inches of soil get packed down, turf roots can't penetrate and have trouble getting established. Aeration or slice seeding can usually help solve this problem.

Acidic soil - Testing the soil pH may show that your lawn needs lime. 

Your Spring Green professional is trained and licensed to apply moss and weed control products. Contact your neighborhood Spring Green lawn care professional today! 

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