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Regular Irrigation System Maintenance You Can Do At-Home

If you have an irrigation system, you might have had people ask you the question, "Don't those waste water?" Well, if your system is properly maintained, wasting water is not something you have to worry about. System maintenance and checks should be performed at least twice each season:

  • Once in the beginning of the season (when you first turn on your system)
  • Once at the end of the season (to prepare for the winter)

Irrigation system maintenance on an automatic system can be rather complex – sometimes you just need to call in a professional. But, there are some minor tasks you could try on your own to keep your irrigation system working properly until your next scheduled maintenance appointment.

Realign Irrigation System Heads

If you notice the water in your system isn't spraying as far as it used to, that it is spraying in an unwanted direction, or if brown areas are developing on your lawn, you may need to realign or replace your irrigation system heads. To do this, simply twist the sprinkler head while the system is running until it is secure and spraying the direction you desire. If you have a loose nozzle, you may need to do this more often.

Adjusting Heads that are Overspraying

A sprinkler system can create brown spots in areas directly surrounding the sprinkler head – or it could spray your guests and others passing by your lawn when they least expect it! To make sure you're not wasting water, make sure you have the proper size nozzles for the area covered by that head.

Replacing Heads & Nozzles

There are a number of reasons a nozzle, or sprinkler head, might need to be replaced. If it's broken by a lawn mower, becomes clogged from debris, or just wears out, you may need to replace it. Nozzles and sprinkler heads are rather inexpensive. To replace a sprinkler head, dig out around it to the bottom, unscrew it being careful no debris falls in. Then screw in the new head making sure it's at the proper level. Be sure to use the proper size nozzle for the area. The tips above are some general things you can do to maintain your system. If you have any problems, you'll want to schedule an irrigation sprinkler service appointment with a professional. Your local Spring Green professional can help you with routine checks and maintenance needs that might arise. 

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