A working irrigation system is an important part of keeping a well-maintained, healthy lawn and landscape. A misaligned sprinkler can cause brown patches in some areas. A system that isn’t pressurized correctly can waste your water and your money the list goes on. Make sure your system is always working properly with Spring-Green’s irrigation system maintenance program. We’ll start-up, check and winterize your system so you don’t have to worry about it.

Learn more about Irrigation Proper Maintenance and the Spring-Green Irrigation Maintenance Program.

  • Industry trained professionals start-up, maintain and winterize your irrigation system
  • Inspect and repair broken heads and rotors, reset controllers and check for leaks and broken water lines
  • Maintain even watering across turf and landscape areas
  • Save money by reducing water consumption

Having an automatic irrigation system makes watering your lawn and landscape an easy task. In order to keep your sprinkler system working as efficiently as possible, it needs periodic maintenance. It also requires proper start up in the spring and shut down in the fall. Our industry trained professionals can provide these services to you through our Irrigation Maintenance Program.

Spring-Green’s Irrigation Maintenance Program will do away with unsightly brown spots and wasteful overwatering. Our program consists of three specialized visits to ensure that your system is running correctly.

Visit #1 – Spring Start-Up Service

Spring-Green’s professional standards specify much more than just turning your system on in the spring. Our ten point start-up process includes:

  1. Ensure main water supply is on
  2. Prime the mainline
  3. Verify operation at each zone
  4. Adjust for head-to-head coverage
  5. Check for leaks
  6. Clear growth from around each head
  7. Test controller operation
  8. Calibrate run time for spring conditions
  9. Check rain sensor operation
  10. Identify needed repairs

Visit #2 – Mid-Season System Performance Evaluation

As the season changes from the mild spring to the hot and dry summer, your irrigation system requires some fine tuning to maintain peak operating performance. Spring-Green’s mid-season maintenance visit includes resetting the controller, checking for system leaks, cleaning out overgrowth around heads, ensuring rotors are turning properly, leveling heads and diagnosing system repairs.

Visit #3 – Fall Winterization Service

A principal factor in determining the lifespan of your irrigation equipment is the winterization service performed by your Spring-Green professional. The fall winterization visit includes blowout of heads, rotors, valves and lines before freezing temperatures set in. Having your irrigation system winterized by your Spring-Green professional is your best protection against freeze damage.

Contact your neighborhood lawn care professional for more information about Spring-Green’s Professional Irrigation System Maintenance Program and other beneficial lawn care services.

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