Stay Safe from Fleas and Ticks This Summer

fleas and ticks

Fleas and ticks can create a nuisance in our summer fun and contribute to minor yet annoying health problems. Spring-Green, your neighborhood lawn care specialists since 1977, has compiled a guide to get you schooled up on the threats fleas and ticks pose and, most importantly, how to control these pesky intruders.

Answers To Your Frequently Asked Flea and Tick Control Questions

What exactly is Lyme Disease?

Lyme disease can have a combination of symptoms that can all be present or only a few. They are easily mistaken for other conditions making diagnosis challenging if a tick bite is not noticed. These symptoms include fatigue, fever, joint pain and more.

How is Lyme disease contracted, spread?

Lyme disease is contracted when a deer tick is infected by Lyme disease and bites a human. Lyme disease can also impact household pets.

Where do fleas come from?

In most cases, fleas come from household pets. By keeping up with your veterinarian’s recommendations for flea prevention and treatment, you’ll be more successful in keeping fleas out of your home.

Fleas may begin to thrive in heavily shaded areas of your property, crawl spaces where wildlife and feral strays might sleep or sheltered enclosures such as dog houses. Fleas tend to avoid outdoor areas with foot traffic or lots of sunlight. By clearing away debris, following vet recommendations and applying a flea treatment with the help of your lawn care professional, you can prevent fleas from disrupting your life.

How can I prevent or control ticks at my home?

  • Remove yard debris. Ticks look for dark, moist places to thrive. If your yard has debris laying around, you’ll increase your risk of ticks.
  • Get out and rake the leaves. Leaves are moist places that hold water and can develop into a tick haven. Ticks also like trees, shrubs and leaves.
  • Don’t encourage visits from deer. Where deer are, there is an increased presence of ticks. For good reason, ticks use deer as a source of transportation. If you live in an area where deer are present, avoid planting trees and foliage that attract them (and their passengers) like phlox and marigolds.
  • Check out their favorite hiding spots. Ticks are often looking for places to hide and thrive like along retaining walls, below fences and at the foundation of your home’s structures.
  • Hire a professional to handle the job. Spring-Green, your neighborhood lawn care specialist, can do the heavy lifting for you when it comes to flea and tick control*.

Whenever you spend time outdoors this summer, it is a good idea to do a tick check on your body, your family members’ bodies as well as your pets. Ticks like to hide in hard to spot places like the scalp, behind the knee and in the ear. Fleas are much harder to spot, but the annoying itching typically gives their presence away.

By practicing a few do-it-yourself measures and enlisting the help of the pros at Spring-Green, you can keep your summer healthy by keeping these pests away. The Spring-Green professional flea and tick treatment* can help rid your property of infestations as well as create a barrier that keeps fleas and ticks from thriving.

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