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Insect and Disease Control

Our guide on tree & shrub care will help you protect your trees and shrubs from insects and disease.

Fungus: Control These Types of Common Tree Fungal Diseases

Without proper care and changing climates, trees can become exposed to several tree fungal diseases. Here are common tree fungus diseases to control!

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Tree & Shrub Pests: Common Tree Insects To Look Out For

Tree insects cause damage to trees by eating or sucking the juices from leaves. Here are common tree insects to be on the look out for to avoid tree damage.

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Indicator Plants: Trees Prone To Diseases and Insects

Indicator plants are a tree commonly found in the area that often experiences a specific problem. Learn what types of indicator plants are in the U.S.

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Common Diseases that Affect Deciduous Trees and Shrubs

Just as lawns get diseases, so do our trees.From physical deformities to poor leaf color, here are deciduous tree diseases that may affect their health.

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Destructive Landscape Pests: Identifying Leaf Sucking Insects

Are leaf eating insects damaging your trees? Here are leaf insects that suck out leaf juices affecting the trees beautiful color!

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Tree Leaf Eaters: Watch Out For These Leaf Eating Insects

Leaf eating insects are highly destructive and can defoliate majority of the tree plant in a matter of time. Here a leaf eating insects to watch out for!

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How to Control Greenbug Aphids

As a homeowner, you probably think of aphids as pests that attack your roses and ornamentals. But during the past 25 years a variation of these small insects have become serious lawn pests. Find out how to control this insect.

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Weather Related Tree Diseases and How it Affects their Health

There are a few weather related tree diseases that affect our trees health. Learn how you can keep your trees healthy from their roots to their leaves.

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Tree Diseases: Common Crabapple Diseases to Look For

Most blooming Crabapple trees are resistant to disease, but wondering what diseases affect crabapple trees?

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