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Weather Related Tree Diseases and How it Affects their Health

Can changing climates affect the health of our trees? Landscape trees and shrubs are most vibrant during the spring, but what happens to the health of our trees and shrubs when weather is too hot or too cold? There are a few weather related tree diseases that affect our trees health, and changing temperatures also affect how trees combat insects and disease. Here are a few ways weather affects our trees and shrubs, and how you can keep your trees healthy from their roots to their leaves.

Weather Related Tree Diseases

Leaf Scorch Weather Related Tree Diseases

Leaf Scorch is not a true disease, but rather a physiological symptom, indicating a deficiency of water supply to the leaves. This is quite common in young, recently planted trees, where the root system has not developed enough to meet the water demands of the tree's crown. The result of Leaf Scorch is a burning or scorching of the leaves. High, hot temperatures along with hot dry winds and lack of moisture or water can also contribute to Leaf Scorch.

frost damage weather related tree disease

Frost damage results from cold temperatures that are occurring when new growth is present and expand rapidly during a frost sensitive stage. It is most common on Spruce Trees. Frost damage is not too serious to kill off or defoliate a tree, but can be if it would repeat in several successive years. Frost damage on trees is mainly aesthetic, and with regulating temperatures the tree will resume growth and health on it’s own. Salt damage typically affects parkway trees, as a result of salt accumulation along the streets during ice and snow plow efforts. Maple trees, especially sugar maples, are very sensitive to salt damage. Although we don’t have much control over mother nature, your local Spring Green professional will be able to provide insight on weather related tree diseases and best recommendation to care for your tree.