There are a wide variety of grassy weeds that can grow among the desired grasses in your lawn. Some may be uncontrollable, while others can only be controlled with special materials. Let Spring-Green identify and help remove these pesky plants. We offer grassy weed control services that can eliminate multiple varieties of unwanted weeds in your yard.

  • Helps to stop spread of weeds
  • Cleaner, more attractive landscape

Besides the desired grasses in your lawn, you can often find several different varieties of grassy weeds. While some are uncontrollable, others can only be controlled with special materials. These controllable grassy weeds grow quickly and can cause unsightly patches in your lawn.

Your normal scheduled applications will control broadleaf weeds in your lawn, like dandelions and clover. Controllable grassy weeds need different materials to limit their growth and establishment. Your Spring-Green professional is trained to identify these grassy weeds and can recommend a yard service program that will control Nutsedge and poa annua (annual bluegrass) – two very common and unsightly grassy weeds.

Keep grassy weeds under control and maintain the overall health of your lawn when you schedule our routine lawn care services. Enjoy seasons of beautiful grass and landscape by contacting your local Spring-Green professional today. And, check out our additional weed control advice and prevention tips.

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