Why Do I Need Lawn Care During a Drought?

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You hired a lawn care company to help take care of your lawn this year, but are wondering why they continue coming out to put fertilizer down on a brown and dormant lawn. It is a good question to ask, and one that needs answering. First of all, it has been our experience going through previous drought periods that lawns which continued to receive regularly scheduled applications of fertilizer recovered much faster and looked better much sooner than lawns that received nothing. Once it begins raining again, or you water your lawn, it's going to be in need of food to generate new grass blades. Spring-Green generally switches to a granular fertilizer during the summertime. The granular fertilizer will remain on the ground and not be activated until it receives irrigation in some form. The second reason we continue to come out is to inspect your lawn for possible problems. Weeds will still germinate throughout the summer and insects and diseases can become active and do a lot of damage to a lawn. Unless we come out to take a look at your lawn, we don't know if these problems are occurring. Sometimes we will adjust your lawn care program to apply an insect control material during a drought. Some insects, such as chinch bugs , thrive in the hot weather of summer. They will continue to feed on the lawn even when it is dry. Chinch bugs inject a toxin into the plant to help them digest the plant juices. This often results in death of the grass plant. Once it does rain, your lawn may not recover as well and large patches of dead grass may remain. We also will be looking for other possible problems, such as insects feeding on your trees and shrubs. Japanese beetles are very active right now and are voraciously feeding on many plants. Sucking insects, such as aphids, also will be active throughout the summer. Even during a drought, your lawn needs care. Your Spring-Green professional has received training to apply the best material to help your lawn recover from the effects of a prolonged drought. It's the peace of mind that many people come to expect from Spring-Green.