Why Are My Tree Branches Falling Off?

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Have you noticed your trees are losing branches? Are more limbs collecting in your yard than normal? If so, you might be wondering if it is time to start worrying about the health of your trees. There are many reasons that tree branches fall. Some indicate a problem. Some don’t. Here are the questions you should be asking about your trees.   

Q&As about your trees' health  

Why do healthy trees lose branches? 

Not every tree that loses a few branches has an issue. Trees shed branches for many reasons that are not linked to illness. Typically, sudden branch breakage is the tree’s response to hot, dry environments. However, tree branches may break off even if they are very healthy. This is normal for larger trees that branches extend further than the trunk can support.   

How can I tell if my trees have an issue? 

If your trees are clearly sick, it can be difficult to determine the prognosis of the falling tree branches. Things to consider when investigating your tree’s health are drought stress, extremely dry soil, tissue shrinkage, disease, and internal cracks. Your tree may be shrinking as a form of protection. It’s a good idea to inspect your trees on a regular basis, checking for discoloration, mold, and unhealthy moss. 

What are the dangers of falling branches?  

Falling branches can damage to your property as well as cause problems on the lawn if left too long. It is important to clear branches that hang over valuable/important structures such as buildings, vehicles, power lines, and lodging areas. Falling branches are the result of many insurance claims due to improper care of their tree branches.   

How can I prevent falling branches?

Check the roots – Often, the cause of branches falling off the tree is related to the root system. Roots that move and slip when branches are trying to stand up to heavy winds can cause even huge trees/branches to fall. Poor roots are often the cause of poor planting, crowded infrastructure, and hidden root damage. Healthy roots are the key to a healthy tree. Unfortunately, roots are hidden, making it difficult for the average homeowner to gauge root health.   

Trim regularly – Keeping your trees healthy with regular trimming. Your regularly trimmed trees will be less likely to have branches break off unexpectedly and cause property damage or other problems.

One of the best ways to care for your trees is to enlist the services of professionals. A quality tree care service can help customize a plan that protects the life of your trees and prevents unexpected branch dropping. Spring Green has been the go-to neighborhood lawn and tree care team since 1977. Taking care of your trees is an area we specialize in. We can help you monitor the health of your trees, including preventing branches from falling and damaging your property.   

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