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The Benefits of Consistent Lawn Care

Over the years since Spring-Green began caring for home lawns, we've seen the expectations of homeowners change. Back in the early days, a proper weed control program and feeding the starving turf was a big improvement when it came to growing grass. Well, lawn care has moved a long way since then. In fact, home lawns today are looking more and more like well-tended golf course fairways.

All-Season Lawns Take All-Season Care The effect is dramatic and beautiful. Home lawns and entire neighborhoods are more attractive, useful, and valuable today than they were 20 years ago, thanks in part to professional lawn care services. From early spring until late into fall, home lawns are staying thicker, more weed-free and keeping better color than ever before. Many golf courses maintain huge staffs to tend to their turf every single day - 7 days a week! Superintendents know from years of experience that if they begin to let things "slip" a little, the quality of the turf changes fast. That's why they have careful timetables for everything from lawn fertilization and weed control to core aeration and mowing. By following a professional lawn care plan, they're able to provide golfers with dependably high quality turf to use and enjoy. The same is true for your home lawn. 

Our job at Spring Green is to provide you with high quality turf all season long. And we can do just that (with your help of course). Our programs are carefully laid out to give your lawn just the right treatments for healthy, growing grass at just the right times. Our lawn fertilizers and pest controls are changed and adjusted to each season, from early spring through late fall. And when any part of the yard care program begins to "slip", or is missed, there's almost always a change (for the worse) in lawn quality. So work with — and trust — your Spring Green professionals. By using our all-season lawn care service program and following our suggestions, you'll have an all-season lawn you'll be proud to enjoy. 

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