Look Things Over and Make a Plan 

Did winter cause some problems for your lawn or landscape?  Now is a good time to take stock of the situation and plan your projects for the year.  Check out the turf for dead spots that may need seeding, address areas where poor drainage has caused your grass to thin, and check for structural problems with any of your ornamentals.


Fresh mulch provides both beauty and protection.  Mulch’s main roles include keeping in moisture and keeping out weed invaders.  Mulch moderates soil temperatures in both hot and cold weather.  Mulch will nourish the soil by providing food for many organisms found in the soil.  Depending on the type, 2”- 4” is recommended. 

Weed Control 

Weeds can be best defined as anything unwelcome growing in your lawn, flower bed, garden…or anywhere on your property.  Weeds are often unsightly nuisances to a property owner.  Both pre-emergent and post-emergent materials are available for keeping weeds properly managed. 


Good pruning can improve the look of a plant while helping to produce more blooms or fruit.  Before pruning, it’s important to know the particulars about the tree or shrub, and to have an eye for aesthetics.  Some plants can be pruned almost anytime while others require special timing for proper results. 

Check Equipment P

ower equipment, whether gas or electric, requires some regular maintenance to deliver the results you want.  Electric tools like edgers and trimmers should be cleaned, oiled and have sharp blades.  Mowers should be tuned up and a new blade installed, or have the old one sharpened. 

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