Lawn Care Tips for the Pros: Go Inside Spring-Green Lawn Care Training

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Every year for about the last 15 years or so, I have geared up to conduct 17 training sessions at regional locations across the US, offering lawn care tips and working with the field staff as they get ready for another year of servicing your lawns. It may be snowing in northern Illinois, but weeds are growing in the south and customers expect us to take care of them. I will be starting my lawn care training sessions in North and South Carolina, before moving on across the south to Tulsa, OK and Lake Charles, LA. I will make a quick detour to the Seattle area as they usually don’t experience the same cold winters as the rest of the northern states. From there, I will slowly work my way across the US to the Northeast and Midwest. It all comes to a close at the end of March in Green Bay, WI.

What Lawn Care Training Looks Like

I truly enjoy working with the dedicated people who make up Spring-Green. They are truly a conscientious group of men and women who service the lawns and landscapes of their customers. I see many of the same faces every year and they are always anxious to learn some new lawn care tips for the technical side of things, like weeds, diseases and insects, and get introduced to new products and equipment. During our lawn care training sessions, we have great group discussions about the best practices to follow when working with customers and learning how best to serve them. I always come away from these sessions knowing we have some wonderful people working at Spring-Green.

This Year, Fewer Pesticides

Spring-Green has made a commitment to reduce our pesticide usage to help protect our environment while still providing the results that our customers desire. To that end, we have adapted a new injection system that allows us to target-spray weed control or other control product applications only where it is needed. Part of the training I will be providing this year is to demonstrate this new system by bringing an actual injection system with me as I travel from city to city. Fortunately, the unit fits in a standard suitcase to allow for easy transportation.

Even the Pros Can Use Lawn Care Tips Once in a While

We always review the proper way to apply the products we use to prevent lawn damage as well as protect the applicator and the environment. Even though the attendees have heard this information year after year, they tell me that they always like to hear these refresher lawn care tips to remind them of the best way to handle the products we use. Each training session always finishes with some type of team building game. It is a great way to finish the day, and they enjoy the challenge of the game. This year, we will be playing a game that reviews the information that was presented during the class. It is kind of like Jeopardy. Everyone gets very involved and some serious bragging rights are awarded to the winners. Conducting these training programs, which I call “Professional Development Seminars,” is the highlight of my year and I am always amazed at the talent, thoughtfulness and dedication the attendees display. I am confident when I state that Spring-Green Lawn Care has the best lawn care employees in the US. Ready to meet your neighborhood franchise owner and talk about your lawn care needs? Search our locations or submit your info today!